The Adventures of Zarqa – A solo, self-found, blue items only beyond character.

The Preamble

So, for those who don’t know (i.e. most people); I’m attempting a solo, self-found, blue items only hardcore run. I know it’s technically possible to “beat” the game this way, noRegret has done it (as well as many others I’m sure) but that’s not really what this run is about. What I want to know is how difficult it is compared to the “normal” way of playing, and more importantly: How does it change your playstyle? 

So to begin with, I’m going to explain the build I’m going to use:

I’m going for a flamesurge and firetrap witch (thanks to krabbsatan on reddit for the idea!). I did want to make it a templar originally, but then I remembered that they don’t get fire trap. At all. I don’t fancy relying on one dropping, given how vital it is to the build.

 The basic idea of the build is that you use the burning ground (and occasional ignite) from fire trap to utilise the “50% MORE damage” on flamesurge and spell, fire + ele damage nodes will affect both. I’ll be going life instead of CI as I highly doubt I’ll get enough ES with only 1 prefix and 1 suffix per item, most likely I will end up doing a bit of a armour/es hybrid. I think for self found witch and shadow would both be viable, but I’ve made a lot of shadows recently, so time to give the witch a go. I’ve not fleshed out a complete/final tree for this, as I’m not quite sure the kind and severity of problems I’m going to encounter from my gear + gem restrictions, so outside of some basics (making sure I can get life, etc) I’ll pretty much create it as I go along, adapting to my needs.

I’ve done this on an effectively new account. I’ve used it before to give waypoints to my main account, but it hasn’t met any of the Forsaken masters, and has no items in it’s stash (just the basic 4 non-premium stash tabs), so is basically a new account but with some achievements and the scion unlocked (not that it makes any difference for this run). This is so it’s easier to keep an eye on how much currency I’ve got, but also so I don’t accidentally spend any at vendors, also so I have to only play with the default 4 tabs.

So, let it begin…


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